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Lucy (2014) - Review



Take drugs and become God. Someone should have told Scarlett Johansson there’s an easier way to become a telekinetic, omnipotent, space-time controlling atomic supercomputer than having a bag full of an experimental drug rupture in your stomach and flood your system with insane OD levels of a newly synthesised super-potent nootropic compound.

The Wraith (1986) - Review



Charlie Sheen stars in this shameless piece of Oscar bait from the magical eighties as a murder victim who gets reincarnated as an alien slash magical car and returns to his Arizona hometown to exact vengeance on the gang of street racers who killed him.

Tusk (2014) - Review



Kevin Smith’s post-View Askewniverse films haven’t quite captured the same magic but as far as I’m concerned Clerks and Mallrats alone give the guy a pass for life. Tusk is almost more a piece of conceptual art than a film, a bong water-soaked premise played dead straight and stretched to breaking point, a film based on a podcast and a horror movie parody of a horror movie that was itself already a parody of horror movies.

The Last Starfighter (1984) - Review



Alex Rogan lives in a trailer park with his mother and little brother, dreams of escaping with his girlfriend (Catherine Mary Stuart of Night Of The Comet and Dudes), and spends most of his time on the Starfighter arcade game, defending the Frontier from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada…

Circle Of Death
Review + Footage

With a piece of truly excellent cover art accompanying their new record Circle Of Death, that shows that there are only 5 stages in life between your birth and being engulfed by the flames of Hell, it’s clear that Ohio’s Homewrecker haven’t found much to cheer them up in…

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Scream Bloody Gore:
The Art of Extreme Haunted Houses

The art forms of metal and horror have been a marriage made in hell ever since Black Sabbath named themselves after the Bela Lugosi film. Both art forms trigger psychological reactions similar an addict’s relationship with their drug of choice. A tolerance is developed and the user must…

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NIGHTBRINGER - Ego Dominus Tuus Review + Full Stream

Few moments in the pursuit of audio ecstasy result in one’s jaw dropping open within the first few minutes of an opening song. Nightbringer’s Ego Dominus Tuus sends a chill down my spine, as “Et Nox Illumination Mea in Deliciis” first titillates the eardrums with twin guitar har…

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Southwest Terror Fest III
Full Set Now Showing!

Things have been getting heavy as fuck in Arizona this weekend with Southwest Terror Fest III…CVLT Nation will be covering all of the heaviness with killer reviews and stellar photo essays. Right now, check out GOATSNAKE bring the dirge with their unreal performance. We salute our comrade in v…

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CVLT Nation
Interviews Mike IX of EYEHATEGOD

CVLT Nation got the chance to chop it up with one our favorite people in the underground, Mike IX of EYEHATEGOD, and this is what he had to say! Why self-title this album? In the beginning, we had page after page of titles, probably 100 or so different names for the record. Everybody had their…

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