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I believe in the power of crowdsourcing. I want to build a setlist database for every set on hate5six. Every song in every set labeled so that all of us can quickly identify that new song we love. Want to help? Create an account on and as you watch a hate5six video of a band you love, log the setlist using the band and show venue/date information provided on the video. Together we can build a really cool database for everyone’s benefit. Setlists will eventually appear underneath all the video, so start curating!

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I Am Iron Man | VICE United States

Wreck and Reference “Want”

It’s quite hard to place a finger on what exactly Wreck and Reference is. The duo has embarked on a dark journey that has led them through two EPs, Black Cassette and Content and 2012’s bleak Youth, each release blurring the boundaries between electronic music, metal and noise. Ever…

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CVLT Nation Video Premiere + Stream: HURULA “Stockholm Brinner” + “Allt Ska Forsvinna”

Okay, I’m going to keep it totally real – I can’t understand a word that HURULA is singing, but I know I feel like I’m blasting a teenage anthem! This Swedish band is about to release album via Deranged Records that will make every bone in your body feel good! The opening…

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Pure Post-Punk Magic!
Pro-Shot RAKTA Full Set Now Showing!

 RAKTA are hands down one of the best bands to come out of the Brazilian underground! More than just creating music, this band conjures storms of sonic energy that turn into sonic rituals in your eardrums! On Oct. 6th, RAKTA will start their first American and European tours. For…

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Infectious Beauty…
Glass Sculptures of Viruses

My 3 year old is getting to the age where she wants explanations – about life, about earth, about the universe. I told her that each human being is its own universe, that little life lives inside us and outside of us, off of us and with us. Surprisingly, she wasn’t grossed out, but…

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