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Ghettoblasters and Switchblades presents:
THERE IS NO FUCKING FUTURE 80’s Hardcore Mixtape!

One of my favorite blogs, Ghettoblasters and Switchblades, has just released a stellar 80’s punk mixtape called THERE IS NO FUCKING FUTURE (Hardcore Punk Sound)…It’s all free, so get your stage dive on! I must say the song selection is on motherfucking point! THERE IS NO F…

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CVLT Nation Streaming:
Qualeaceans - “Capture Of Ziz” + Review

Metal In Opposition they call it; to me, it is polystylist metal, free metal, space metal -krautmetal. Whether from Germany or not, Qualeaceans play the most radical brand of metal, ever. The ensemble draw on every single form of extremity in music, hammering out their sonic tower as high as it…

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10 Classic Skate Sections With…
Punk/Metal/Stoner Soundtracks

By Neil Bailey of Opium Lord Music has a lot to do with what makes a great video. Skateboarding is a lot about individual style, how you do what you want to do with your body, your skateboard, on what obstacles, in what order. It’s about expression, and the video, since it became a thing, is t…

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"A World Lit Only By Fire"

So what do we have here? The new GODFLESH album “A World Lit Only By Fire” streaming in full at NPR!…

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"Skate mean, live clean." - Hank the Crank

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