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Reggie Nadler-SALEM’S LOT (1979)

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"Suburbia owns many faces. You can always recognise the neon knights, the death-wish saints and children of electric dreams. They’re the faces still there after dark. The friends you haven’t seen for years you can still find in the same old places. The dealer who still lurks behind the same movie theatre. The lost souls haunting the crime scenes of youth and lust. The ones who can’t let go and the ones who couldn’t hold on. Those who escaped and those who never will. The walking chalk outlines. Suburbia’s victors and its victims. The names carved in eternity in the infinity of night."

“Neon Knights” is a fragmented cumming of age memoir and a guided tour of the heroes, villains, back-alleys and basements of nowheresville suburbia. From a close encounter with a trench-coat pedophile in a McDonald’s PlayLand, through a B-movie scarred early development, to sexual misadventures in crowded movie theatres, hardcore shows, family vacations to mutant hooker-infested hotels, and chemically-assisted nocturnal journeys through the darker corners of suburban legend, “Neon Knights” is a portrait of suburban adolescence told through a mixture of memories, fantasies and hallucinations.

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Pure Post-Punk Magic Pt. 2!
Pro-Shot BELGRADO Full Set Now Showing! -

Yesterday we shared with you an unreal full set from RAKTA. Now check out this stellar performance from BELGRADO from the same night. If you have not heard of this band, after you watch this footage you will be one for sure. I can not say enough how much CVLT Nation loves BELGRADO respect due!…

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6 Reasons Why BAPTISTS…
Can’t Be Fucked With!

Game recognize Game…the new BAPTISTS album Bloodmines is going to straight kill shit! I can say this with confidence because I’m one off the lucky humans who has heard it. Sometime in October, it’s being released by Southern Lord, and everyone will be able to hear how…

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Electric Wizard - Time To Die Album Review

It has been about four years since the release of Black Masses, and I was being really interested to see what Electric Wizard would come up with next. Their previous album and Witchcult Today saw the band being much more direct and straightforward than their earlier releases. So, if you are…

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